Tips If You Want To Wash Your Printed Clothes

Tips If You Want To Wash Your Printed Clothes

How to wash your printed clothes?

So it is done, you took the decision and you ordered a great t-shirt. Its design will make your loved ones jealous! But before that, you will have to wash it. And you wonder if you do not risk damaging it. It will not happen if you pay attention to a few things and follow the advice to wash your printed clothes.

Several actions to respect if you want to wash your clothes

To avoid a deterioration of your beautiful t-shirt, sweatshirt, hoodie or design, several steps are to be respected.
We advise you to follow them so as not to have any nasty surprises after each wash.

Four tips if you want to wash your printed clothes:

  • Avoid washing your dirty laundry above 30 °. At the extreme limit you can go up to 40 ° if it is a stubborn stain.
  • Turn over the printed garment so that the design does not rub against the others in the washing machine. The risk of deterioration will be minimized.
  • We recommend drying it in the open air.
  • Finally, iron the opposite side of the marking to avoid burning it.

By following these tips, we guarantee you that nothing should happen to the design and that your clothes will last longer.

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