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Top Katushika Hokusai T-shirts

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Hokusai's Works Adaptations

A top of all the Katsushika Hokusai Drawings on T-shirts available at Tee Art Design Store.

Hokusai Drawings - Samurai Fight T-shirts

Finally a design for a t-shirt, adapted from the great Katsushika Hokusai, which is not a reproduction of the Great Wave Off Kanagawa. Do not get me wrong, we love the Great Wave at the Tee Art Design Store. But it is clear that it takes precedence over many works of the artist who deserve a representation on clothing.

Black And White Samurai Fight

Entirely reproduced for the occasion, like all the works of artists at Atelier Shogun such as the Grande Vague, Hokusai’s drawing is full of details that could only be brought with our superb tee-shirt printing technique. . The latter therefore offers an impressive number of details and allows printing directly on the cotton and prevents the design from deteriorating over time.

Samurai Tokugawa (Katsushika Hokusai Paintings)

With this performance of “Kamakura Gongoro Kagemasa and Torinoumi Yasaburo Yasunori”, we offer a new drawing for Hokusai t-shirt lovers but not only for them. It is also perfect for fans of badass samurai designs and for art lovers in general.

Colored Samurai Fight

This magnificent performance of “Kamakura Gongoro Kagemasa and Torinoumi Yasaburo Yasunori” will delight any fan of the artist and Japanese art in general thanks to a meticulous reproduction of the work. This time, the design was made in color, like the original work. The multitude of details is simply incredible.

Colored Tokugawa Samurai Fight Unisex T-shirt Black ((Katsushika Hokusai Paintings)

We have a second time on the work “Kamakura Gongoro Kagemasa and Torinoumi Yasaburo Yasunori” by artist Katsushika Hokusai for this samurai t-shirt. This woodcut is one of his most important achievements. Created between 1830 and 1834 (no exact date), it represents the duel between two samurai including Kamakura Gongoro Kagemasa. The latter is famous for having fought in the Gosannen War in 1085 where he lost an eye at only 16 years old.

Hokusai Drawings - His Drafts

Noh Theater Masks Collection

A presentation of the famous masks used in Noh theater. They are 4 in number and are all in the effigy of demon.

Noh Masks Unisex T-shirt Black (Katsushika Hokusai Paintings)

Who does not know Noh theater? The Noh or Noh theater is a traditional style of Japanese theater where actors wear sumptuous costumes and specific masks (138 different masks).


A little whitish man wearing a traditional Japanese dress. Dégarni above the skull, bulging eyes and dark circles very marked. Here is a very good representation of Fukusuke. This little guy was made in a style equal to that of the draft Hokusai and gives the impression that it was painted directly on its support. Thanks to the great printing techniques used, the design remains printed on the mesh of the fabric and does not go to the wash. Fukusuke will stay on you for a little while.

Fukusuke Lucky Charm Unisex T-shirt Black (Katsushika Hokusai Paintings)

The design on this shirt is inspired by a work of the Japanese painter Katsushika Hokusai as it is the copy of one of his drafts but also of Japanese folklore. Fukusuke was a merchant known for being particularly ugly but also particularly fortunate in business and generous to others.


A man wearing only a loincloth and feet in the water does not seem to be in a very happy mood. If the posture of the character seems slightly strange, it is simply because it helps to carry a woman on the work of origin. Its fine features have been realized with the Toba-e technique.

Toba-e is a term for a light brush painting technique that appeared between the beginning and the middle of the Edo era. It allows a fast treatment of the work close to caricature.

Toba-e Unisex T-shirt (Black) (Katsushika Hokusai Paintings)

This Hokusai t-shirt features one of the four characters featured in the caricature “Toba-e Shu Kawa watashi” or “Crossing a stream”. This print is part of a complete series of 21 caricatures using the Toba-e technique. Only 18 have been listed to date.

Adaptations Of His Great Wave