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Top 2 Kyudo T-shirts On Tee Art Design

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A presentation of our top kyudo designs on printed unisex t-shirts available on Tee Art Design Shop. Always Free end Worldwide Shipping.

Kyudo Unisex T-shirt
Kyudo Unisex T-shirt 2

The Kyudo


Kyudo has its origins in the warrior techniques of the Samurai (medieval Japanese era), but also in traditional rituals of the same period, whether religious or secular. Indeed, the bow occupies an important symbolic function. These two currents have been unified to form the basis of modern Kyudo which harmoniously combines the mastery of a very precise shooting technique with a more “in-depth” work. Indeed the practitioner of Kyudo must also tend towards the perfection of his or her body posture, as well as towards the harmonization of his or her mental and emotional attitude.

Characteristics of the Kyudo

Kyudo is like all Japanese martial arts and is primarily a Samurai heritage. However, it differs from other more well-known arts (kendo, judo, karate, aikido …) by the fact that it does not train to fight any opponents. It is certainly in this discipline that people can most easily meet the true essence of these martial arts. The objective is not the victory obtained in combat but the permanent victory over oneself. What is cultivated in Kyudo is personality, human qualities, strength of character, self-knowledge and respect for others.

The Japanese bow

Japanese archery differs from its European cousin in many ways: the Japanese bow that is used is a traditional arc made of wood and bamboo. Its handle is asymmetrical and is placed at the third of its length which exceeds two meters. There are bows of different sizes and of any complexity because they all are adapted to any type of archer.

The perfect shot is not the only goal

Great importance is given to the quality of the posture and gesture. Kyudo gives only an accessory place to the accuracy of the shot which is in fact only the inevitable result of a “perfect” shot. It is perfectly executed when you respect all the principles transmitted by the various generations of Master Archers. The perfect shot will not only be accurate, it needs dignity and aesthetics which are the fundamental dimensions of Kyudo practice. Aesthetic gesture is combined and harmonized with breath, aesthetics of the balanced posture and the beauty of the shape of the bow.

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