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Japanese T-shirts On Tee Art Design

02/12/2020 0 By teeartdepartment

Here are all the unisex t-shirts available online on Tee Art Design with beautiful Japanese prints and drawings. These Japanese drawings are divided into two categories that you can find below and includes, badass demons, fashion warriors, cute animals, motivational quotes and designs and more.

Why Japanese t-shirts online?

The t-shirt is the centerpiece of an outfit. We wear it almost every day and there are millions of ways to match it to our clothes. Because the t-shirt allows us to realize all the fantasies of fashion, it accentuates in style the look of a person. Whether his look is chic, everyday or streetwear. It is then chosen according to its shape, its texture or its message.

For us at Tee Art Design, the t-shirt is a garment that does not go out of style! And our Japanese drawings put in print can go to all styles.

A variety of Japanese t-shirts pushed to infinity.

Our only limit remains our imagination. That’s why at Tee Art Design we always try to find new styles of design. While still young for an online sales site, we already offer a wide variety of drawings. Our stock already includes:

  • Japanese t-shirt designs based on folklore and history of Japan.
  • Designs inspired by Japanese culture and trends (ex: The Mandalas).
  • Famous quotes (ex: Laozi).
  • Reproductions of works by famous Japanese artists (eg Katsushika Hokusai with his Great Wave of Kanagawa).
  • Combat design (eg reproduction of judo or karate fights).
  • Original designs or reproductions faithful but still personal.

All the Japanese drawings presented on this t-shirts collection are all originals in the sense that their creation is in no way a copy of simple photos. The reproductions of paintings are entirely redone by hand and reworked by a real artist before being prepared for the prints. Like “The Earth Spider Generators Monsters at the Mansion of Lord Minamoto Yorimitsu” of the artist Kuniyoshi, some of them ask for several dozen hours of work each. As for the other designs, you will not be able to find the same ones on other sites and are true originals of the mark The Asian Dream.

An infinity of topics for this amazing Original Design Collection. You will definitely find something you love.

Some Japanese T-shirts

Original japanese t-shirts from the ukiyo-e movement.

This is the main principle of this collection. It can be based on some work from known Japanese artists. But the transformation of the basic work is important enough to make it an original work. Also, these are the basic works of artists that you can find in our collection. We are talking of course of our collection: Japanese Art Copying. We are talking about artists such as Kuniyoshi or Hokusai.

100% original design.

This category of japanese t-shirts can be inspired by the Japanese universe or by something else entirely. This is the great strength of this collection. To present a sample of our know-how other than reproduction. It is essential for us to come up with a more personal side of our work. You can find here two categories of original designs. These original designs are first produced with ink on paper before being reproduced for printing.

Inspiration from a Japanese world

Hokusai simply loved sometimes to reproduce scenes from everyday life in Japan. There were sketches of Geisha playing an instrument. He also reproduced magnificent caricatures of warriors and members of the Shogunate. Our approach is the same in presenting scenes that could have appeared in Japan at that time. Of course, we make this collection in all humility, with our own abilities. We are not presumptuous enough to put ourselves on a par with Japanese artists who have existed.

Original design taken out of our head

They are mostly from the fantastic universe with a lot of representation of nature and animals.