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Japanese Drawings Collection

02/11/2020 0 By teeartdepartment

Here is an atypical collection that focuses on the incredible world of Japan through quality Japanese drawings. But a particularity allows it to stand out from other collections. Indeed, although collections like Nothing and Everything Collection or Fantasy and Badass Collection have great impressions, this one is particularly important to us. It is a way to introduce the company and its personal brand The Asian Dream.

Quality Japanese drawings

You can discover a whole world on t-shirts and other piece of clothing: Folklore, Samurai, Cute Animals… We are going to develop designs for clothing with Japanese triptychs (a relief carving on three panels). While the production time of our designs is relatively long, we prefer to work the details thoroughly. This is of course the best way to offer quality products and japanese drawings online.

The Asian Dream brand and its Japanese Drawings

The Asian Dream brand was officially launched in early 2019. Like the entire collection, it focuses on Japan. And it focuses especially on art with reproductions and other adaptations of Japanese paintings and drawings. These are generally artworks from the Ukiyo-e movement (from Hokusai’s prints for example) but also from film characters or simply original designs inspired by the country.

For each official clothing of the brand (t-shirt, sweatshirt and hoodie), a specific logo has been designed to represents a small white fox origami in a red circle (reminder of the national flag). It is located on the label for t-shirts, at the neck for the sweatshirt and usually on one of the arms for the hoodie.

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