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A presentation of Hattori Hanzo (his name, his story and legend) and our printed t-shirt available on Tee Art Design Store.

Knowledge on the Samurai Drawing - Hattori Hanzo Warrior Design T-shirt

Deriving his nickname from his fierceness in combat, Hanzo the Demon (his real name Oni Hanzo) was one of the greatest samurai defenders of the Tokugawa clan during the 16th century.

Hanzō is known as an expert tactician and a yari combat master. The yari is a Japanese spear of about 2.5 m with a flagpole and a straight blade. It is the weapon of choice of the samurai, especially used by the battalions to slice the hocks of horses and dismount their riders. The stories of his exploits often attribute to him various supernatural powers, such as teleportation, psychokinesis, and precognition, which greatly contributes to his importance in popular culture.

Hattori Hanzo Unisex T-shirt

The emblem on the Samurai Drawing - Hattori Hanzo Warrior Design T-shirt

Tokugawa symbol

The Tokugawa clan is a powerful Japanese daimyo family (the title for the main governors of military-class provinces who ruled Japan under the shogun). Its members descend theoretically from the Emperor Seiwa (850-880) and form a branch of the Minamoto clan. This last clan was one of the four samurai clans that dominated Japan’s politics during the Heian era (794 – 1185). The ancient history of this clan, however, remains mysterious. The clan came to power in the Sengoku era and at the end of the Edo period it led Japan. There are at the end fifteen Tokugawa Shogun. Their dominance is so absolute that some history books present the “Tokugawa era” rather than the “Edo period”.

The Tokugawa clan Crest (called the “triple hollyhock”) is an instantly recognizable icon in Japan. It symbolizes both the Tokugawa clan and the last Shogunate.

The Kamo Clan

The emblem on the Hattori Hanzo T-shirt comes from a mythical clan, the “Kamo clan”. This clan descends from Yatagarasu according to the legends: a three-legged crow and a creature found in the mythologies and arts of East Asia. It is considered as inhabitant and representative of the Sun. Even when Emperor Go-Yōzei (107th Emperor of Japan between 1586 and 1611) offered a new crest, the clan continued to use its former one.

Use of the Tokugawa Crest now

In movies and other stories that take place during the Meiji Restoration, the role of the emblem is to indicate the allegiance of its samurai bearer to the Shogunate as opposed to the Loyalists whose use the chrysanthemum as a symbol of the imperial throne.


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