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02/11/2020 0 By teeartdepartment

Let’s introduce a complete collection featuring many drawings, in a cartoon style, of animals (dogs, cats…), monsters, demons and many other characters: the Fantasy Clothing Design Collection. This collection includes many different themes and styles. It goes from Futurist style to Gangster style via the genre of Steampunk, Military or Fantastic.

An atypical fantasy clothing design collection full of colors

Indeed all these drawings put on printing on t-shirt and other piece of clothing are mostly presented in a grandiose and impressive way. They consist in at least one bright color that brings out the whole set.

Generally, but not all the time, the drawing is accompanied by some text and Asian characters to give more pace to the frame. A multitude of universes addressed in this fantasy clothing design collection:

The Different Universes

Fantastic Designs – Futuristic

The futuristic genre or science fiction includes many themes and sub-themes. This variety is an opportunity to discover robot designs, spaceships and many extraterrestrials.

Fantastic Designs – Gangster

This section is reserved for all fans of a certain era. Indeed, it is perfect for fedora hat lovers, three-piece suits and the well-known era of American prohibition. This part of the designs focuses on the different clothing styles of this era and especially mixes it with animals.

Fantastic Designs – Steampunk

A universe with an atmosphere close to that of the 19th century, but characterized by an exacerbation of technologies discovered during the industrial revolution. There are large gleaming and bolted machineries, gear wheels, connecting rods, levers and squeaky steam engines. This definition is completely respected within our designs.

Fantastic Designs – Fantasy

Monsters and many demons, knights and other heroes and warriors are also honored here

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