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This is one of the most important blog categories available in this website. Indeed, this one introduces the list of all the articles referencing the products and other clothes in relation with the blog’s topics. This blog design is therefore perfectly combined with other categories that focus on a more cultural aspect of things.

Articles about our products

Various themes

So we list in this category of blog: all articles referring to our printed shirts and other online clothes (designs for the moment). In addition, all these articles group our drawings by topic and subject. By going through the list, you will be able to discover articles referring to various subjects.

Japanese painting: an endless source of designs and printings

Big names in Japanese painting. Their paintings are still fully reproduced by hand for the purpose of printing.

  • Katsushika Hokusai
  • Utagawa Kuniyoshi
  • Kawanabe Kyosai

One more general theme: the history and culture in the World

Or you will be able to discover online textile impressions (t-shirts) about a wider culture around the world (a rich and varied culture):

  • Practiced martial arts and other sports
  • Sacred or famous animals
  • Historical characters or references to folklore
  • But also simple humorous designs on food or local quotes

Of course, this list of articles is not exhaustive and will be completed over time as the number of designs increases.

Our featured products and prints are all available in store

All the prints we will be discussing in this blog are available at Tee Art Design. You can directly access a product since links are highlighted in our articles or you can access the full shop below. Thank you for your attention and good reading. We hope to allow you to discover new things or at least to provide you with additional information.